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How does the “Bulk from domains” feature work?

The Bulk from domains feature helps you enrich from a list of domains and find a relevant contact at the same time.

For example, you want to target the CEO of <list of company websites> but you don’t know their name.

To start, upload your list of domains on Findymail. Your CSV file should have a header and have at least one column containing a list of websites.

An example file could be

Once uploaded, you will be able to select the right column containing the website list (it may be already automatically detected).

Then you will need to select your target role(s). In this example, I want to find the CEO of those companies so I select “CEO”

You can either select a target role from the existing shortcut list or you can type a custom role. For example, if I wanted to target Account Executives, I could type “Account Executive” and press enter to target that specific role.

You can select up to 3 different roles.

As the enrichment is made in real-time, adding more roles will result in longer processing time.

Only one result per domain will be found - if we find someone with a valid for the first role, the second role will not be processed.

You can then click on Start Task to submit your task. Depending on our current workload, the task may start immediately or not - no worries though, it will eventually get picked up, you can close the page safely. Complete processing can take up to 24-48 hours (usually sooner)

Updated on: 21/12/2023

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