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How to use the "Team" features?

If you want to add a team member to your account, please follow the following steps:

Click on "Your team" (top right) > Manage team
Under "Add Team Member", enter the email of your team member
This account is now part of your team 🎉

Please note: You can only add an existing Findymail account to your team, which means, the person you are willing to add needs to have a (free) Findymail account before you can add them.

How to collaborate on one list with the team?

All contacts are stored independently on each individual account by default. If you want to share contacts between team members, you have to:

Create a list
If needed, add your existing contacts to that list by selecting them all > Clicking "Actions" > Add contacts to list
Tick the option "Share list with my team" (top right) to give access to your team

Other team members will then be able to see your list and contribute to it with new contacts.

Team work and credits

Added members will use credits from your master account, no extra cost per member, i.e., your credits are automatically shared. When they use one credit it's one credit from your master account.

Updated on: 16/03/2024

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