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I can’t open Findymail’s exported CSV files

If you can’t read/open a CSV file exported from Findymail in a given software (eg. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets etc.) or if the file displays with formatting issues, it’s probably because of incorrect settings.

CSV files can be written with different rules:

- what character is the separator (usually “,” but it can be “;” or tabulations)
- how strings are delimited (”string“, ‘string‘, etc)
- etc.

Sometimes the software you’re using to open the CSV will auto-detect the right parameters, sometimes they will ask you and sometimes you’ll have to configure them manually.

All Findymail files are written with the following rules:

- Separator: comma (”,”)
- String delimiter: “ “

Make sure to configure the software you’re using accordingly.

Convert .CSV files to .XLSX for Microsoft Excel

If you want to convert your Findymail CSV file to a XLSX Excel files, you can follow the following method:

Updated on: 22/08/2023

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