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Is it possible to run multiple Findymail scrapes at the same time?

You may want to scrape more contacts in less time and as a result want to launch multiple scraping tasks in parallel.

More often than not, your limitation will not be Findymail but the platform you’re scraping.

On Linkedin:
You can run different scrapes using different Chrome profiles (not different tabs). However, it is not recommended to use the same Linkedin account as your account will do actions impossible for a human and can get more easily flagged for automation.

On Apollo:
- When using default mode: it’s not possible to have multiple scrape on the same Apollo account due to Apollo prospecting limitation. You can however scrape with multiple Apollo accounts using different Chrome profiles.
- When using “Do not use Apollo emails” mode: it’s possible to have multiple scrapes running. You need different Chrome profiles for Findymail scraping tasks to not conflict between each other. It is however not recommended as it can get your account more easily flagged for automation.

Updated on: 23/08/2023

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