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What credits do I need to scrape Apollo?

đź’ˇ It is recommended to have an Apollo paid subscription to access the full Apollo database. You will otherwise be limited to the first 5 pages only.

As a reminder you have two types of credits available with your Findymail subscription:

- Finder credits (to find emails)
- Verifier credits (to verify emails)

The Apollo scraper uses one or the other depending on which mode you’re using.

Default mode: Scraping Apollo with Findymail email finder

In this mode, the scraper will use exclusively Findymail’s email finder to find emails based on the list of people names + domains.

This is the recommended mode as it is the safest and fastest option to scrape Apollo, for a very similar data quality.

Therefore, this mode only uses your Findymail finder credits. One Findymail finder credit is used for every verified email found.

Options mode: Scraping Apollo provided emails

đź’ˇ This mode requires Apollo email credits

If you want to use Apollo’s emails, you uncan tick the option box “Do not use Apollo emails” when launching a scrape.

By doing so the Apollo scraper will click on the “Access email” buttons in Apollo and will export those emails. Those emails will be verified during the scraping process so that you end up only with valid emails in your CSV export.

Therefore, this mode mainly uses your Findymail verifier credits. One credit is used for each email provided by Apollo that we need to verify (whether or not the email is valid)

If an Apollo email ends up being invalid, Findymail will try to find a valid email instead using Findymail’s email finder. If we find one, it uses one Findymail finder credit.


I don’t need email verification, can I export Apollo’s emails without using verifier credits?

No, it’s not possible to use Findymail to export from Apollo without using our email verification. Apollo’s emails have a high % of risky/invalid emails, so to protect your deliverability you should always verify them before using them in your outreach.

I have used more credits than the number of emails I got, why?

If you haven’t ticked the option “*Do not use Apollo emails*”, the source of emails will be Apollo. Findymail will then verify all those emails during the export process. A verifier credit will be used on every emails but only valid emails will be included in your exported result. That’s why you may use more verifier credits than the number of exported valid emails.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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