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How to use Findymail on Clay?

Clay is a data-aggregator software letting you access multiple datapoints to personalize your outbound campaigns.

Findymail is the trusted native email enrichment of Clay, and you can now bring your own Findymail API key to use in Clay.

To do that, first select the Findymail email enrichment:

Then tick the option "Use my own Findymail API key". If this is your first time, you will need to connect your Findymail account by clicking "Add an account".

Create an API key named "Clay" from your Findymail account here:

And copy/paste the result key in the Clay input field. Your account is now connected 🎉

Finally, make sure to setup the right input columns for Findymail. Findymail only accepts full name + company website or full name + company name as inputs.

Updated on: 23/09/2023

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