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Pushing contacts to a CRM

Findymail can now be used to send contacts directly to your favorite CRM.

Findymail currently supports the following integrations:

- Hubspot
- Close
- Zoho
- Pipedrive
- Copper
- Salesforce

Pushing contacts to a CRM

Once your CRM integration setup, you can push contacts found with Findymail directly to your CRM contacts.

To do that:

Visit your Findymail contacts page. You can push contacts from the “All contacts” list or one of your custom lists.
Select the contacts you want to push. If you select nothing, it will send the entire list.
Click Actions > Push contacts to…

Select the CRM you want to send data to
You can check & review the field mapping before sending. Make sure that Findymail properties correctly match your CRM properties so that the data don't end up in the wrong fields.
Click Push contacts
Your contacts are being synchronized! Speed will vary depending on the chosen platform and the number of contacts but the process happens in the background so you can close the page safely. You will receive an email once the process completed.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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